Pattaya, Chon Buri

Heights Holdings are Condo developers in Pattaya, Thailand.

Their Director of Sales, Mr. Andre Volgmann, promotes his condos as boutique, high end and state of the art.

What he does not tell you is that once you have purchased one of their condos he (or others affiliated with Heights Holdings) will then be directly affiliated with the Executive Committee & Juristic Persons of the condos they sell, thereby having a monopoly on how the condos are managed and run, which would seem and obvious & direct "conflict of interest".

There are numerous legal cases against Heights Holdings that have been lost & that have pertained to the incorrect construction of their condos. When these cases were lost at court it is the owners of the condos that are left having to "foot the bill" & pay for the construction mistakes of Heights Holdings.

Andre Volgmann (and his team) ensure that it is the owners of the condos (and not Heights Holdings) that pay for their construction mistakes due to the fact that (as mentioned), they are directly affiliated with their condo's Executive Committees and the Juristic Personnel of the condos they sell.

I am told that this is NOT a "one off" occurrence for Andre and Heights Holdings. Many of the owners, of their numerous completed condos have been left millions of THB ($) out of pocket because of this and the way they unethically conduct their business.

I know that Heights Holdings has an excellent lawyer (Mr. Robert, nicknamed the "Pitbull" - ready to threaten all those who make obstruction to Heights Holdings "business"). I am also aware that some of the owners have started with lawyers against Heights Holdings (through Magna Carta, Siam Legal,...): with no success! As it was spelled out by one of Heights Holdings employees: "Our business is protected with triple walls" ...

Furthermore, when Heights Holdings announce their AGM's they do so very will little notice, making it impossible for most owners (who live/work outside of Pattaya, Thailand) to attend. The Proxie Votes they send out for the AGM (for those who can not attend) are ambiguous, incomplete & are sent out so close to the actual date of the AGM that many simply can not have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to them & then have them returned in time, prior to the AGM. This is a deliberate and obvious ploy of Heights Holdings to ensure that no-one can actually lodge any formal objections, or vote "No" to any of the matters upon the agenda of the AGM.

Finally, they insist that anyone attending their condo AGM's supply all their personal details including a copy of their Passport and all company details. The Juristic Personnel state that failure to supply these confidential documents will result in none of your votes being counted at their AGM's.

For those looking to buy a condo on the Eastern Sea Board of Thailand please chose your Developer carefully. There are many ethical ones out their, unfortunately it seems Heights Holdings is not one of them.

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yea i bought in laguna beach 2. 2.5 years behind schedule and they are finished but no title and laguna beach 1 still has no titles after almost 4 years.

no one knows who holds the title. maybe the bank. i dont want to risk it. they are demanding the other 70% and the contract says i have to pay it even with no title.

i screwed up. lost 18000USD.

i should have known better. i lived in thailand for a long time.


My name: Yong Ling Ling, Singaporean. I did transferred about $12,000 Sing Dollars to Height Holdings for Arcadia Beach Continental.

Unit number D block, #808. I paid for nothing because I scolded one of your sales person. Your VP reply and talk nonsense like why I scolded his salesman. I am very angry with your VP.

He should be cursed for such act.

The money I paid can help to raise some poor children's. I had lose all hope for HH and it's VP.


There appears to be a number of disgruntled buyers through Heights Holdings. I am one who bought into the Maldives project and am extremely disappointed with the construction time-frame now being talked about.

Almost 2 years over stipulated build date. What concerns me is that i made a simple request to have a doorway put between the kitchen area and the bathroom so that visitors don't have to travel through the bedroom. i have an email informing me that my request had been passed through to the construction department to be actioned. You guessed it, it hasn't been done.

Upon following this up I've hit a brick wall. Attitude by the Russian staff is deplorable. So far NO satisfaction and i must admit, after seeing the quality of the Laguna Bay 1 i have massive concerns over what I'm going to get as an end product. What's disturbing is i was told that this company are amongst the best in Pattaya.

God help us the owners.

Has there been an action group put together to attempt to tackle HH on such issues? Does anyone have contact details for the CEO?


Yes, this is correct. Wong Amat Tower had it's first AGM on Sunday 15 May 2016, and Heights Holdings controlled the voting by using votes for units that were sold, but still not transferred.

Heights Holdings voted themselves in to the committee, with Haim Bar David (CEO of Heights Holdings) and Yosi Mordekovitch (senior partner Wong Amat Tower). This is a clear conflict of interest and everybody see that, except Haim Bar David and Yosi Mordekovitch of course. QPM (Quality Property Management) was chosen by Heights Holdings already in 2014 to be facility management and juristic person.

It is clearly that QPM had instructions from Heights Holdings to control the meeting in Heights Holdings favour. There are rumours that QPM company has been kicked out from many other projects, after bad management and drained the funds from co-owners.


This is the truth about Heights Holdings and QPM.


I have purchased an apartment in Club Royal Pattaya constructed by Heights Holdings. The handover occurred a few months ago.

While the construction took longer than expected, I am happy with the quality of the construction etc.

You get what you pay for. If you are going to criticize the company you need to be more specific with your complaints


I nearly bought a condo with these cowboys

Condo i put deposit on , still not 50% completed

Try global top


I agree with this well put staement and potential buyers/renters must go far beyond what HH says and read all the small print before signing anything ! As they have powerful "connected" lawyers, it is nigh impossible to press claims against them.


You can read all the fine print and still be scammed ! Laguna Bay 1 remains, after 2.5 years, unfinished with no Wi-FI, pool deck crumbling, incomplete gymnasium. So, even though all the above exists, little works.


Hi Fred,

Is Laguna beach still in the same condition and not comolrtebrithiut titles?


i heard now from some persons in pattaya that the property market in pattaya is dead.

keep your money and wait until the prices go down and then buy on a good price



I'm looking at buying condo in PattAya

Are there bargains to be had ?

Know any good developers ?


Lost $600 on a deposit before I changed my mind with this mob, guess I got off lucky

Very sneaky business


To present your ID at an AGM is a requirement to validate that the right people are at the Meeting. Only owners, their proxy, mortgage company representatives, account auditors and people specifically invited by the Chair are allowed at the meeting.

There is a legal requirement to announce and send out the agenda 15 days before and AGM and proxies need to be validated with proxy giver and proxy carrier ID documents properly signed.

No person can carry more than 3 proxies, Committee people, their wives and condo staff cannot carry any proxies at all. Finally yes of course you can vote no to propositions and ask questions at the meetings.

Not only that but if you know what you're doing you can force and EGM, overthrow the current committee, Juristic manager and building manager and take control of your own condo just as we did with ours.

If necessary you can then initiate a legal action against the developer for building defects. Inform yourself, Organize yourself/s and Act!

Good luck.



how you do this?